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Kobayashi Gone Begging

November 23, 2012 1 comment

For those of you with an interest in F1 – I just saw on Twitter that Sauber driver Kamui Kobayashi has posted a link (only in Japanese) that directs fans to a site with information on how to donate to help cover the amount teams are demanding he pay to obtain a seat – they’re accepting donations of ¥10,000 (roughly $121, £76) and higher, in excahnge for which donors will receive a wristband.

It’s not explicitly stated that his negotiations with Sauber are finished, but if so, it also implies his seat comes at a cost.

The site states that “in the economic climate in F1 over the past several years, drivers are facing a situation where they need not only superior ability, but also financial clout to secure a drive.”

He doesn’t guarantee that he’ll win a seat even if he gets enough money, either, which is unfortunate but honest.

The page is also linked from the news section of his home page, seen here:

I’m not sure what’s more shameful – the fact that he’s been forced into this approach or the pay-to-play attitude so prevalent through the midfield these days.