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Coming attractions

With my work in a transitional phase now, I’m happy to report I’ll have a bit more time to squeeze out some new content. Coming up shortly:

Thursday will see a post on my (hopefully successful) driving exam, and a guide on how to beat the system and pass on your first try.

Sunday will be my visit to Tokyo Motor Show. Look for a two part wrap up, with a feature on concept cars and green technology, and a review of the new models.

Part three of my kei-car series will follow with photos from the show floor, and a summary of new and significant models, as well as some innovative features, and hopefully, some hands on experience with the MiEV and Stella EV.

Also, a poll: As always, I’m looking for your feedback. I’d love heaps of happy repeat visitors, and to be blunt, I have more inclination to write than I actually have time. Just ask my wife! So help me out, and comments are deeply appreciated.

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  1. 79rivers
    October 27, 2009 at 4:28 am

    Just heard your plug on Sidepod.com, and since I also live in Japan (but still a US citizen) I thought I’d check it out. I like your choice of topics – especially the kei jidosha and the travails of getting a license. I’ve been living here for 14 years – my whole time in Shikoku. And I’ve had the kei experience with my wife’s Honda Today, and getting my license (five years ago, passed first time, but that was mainly due to luck and a friendly tester, plus a 30-minute session by myself on the testing track following the routes they kindly provided beforehand). Keep up the good work, and I’ll try to comment more specifically now and again.

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