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Just a preview of future delights!

A new beginning, and a return to blogging – with what could hopefully be described as altruistic motives. There is a lot of content forthcoming, and I’m anxious to get cracking!

There are three central aims to the first phase of this blog:

Firstly, to document the process of 外免切替 (gaimen kirikae) or foreign license exchange. This remains for me a work in progress, and your results will vary (greatly). But while I scoured the web and the blogosphere for resources (and found a very few helpful) I’m looking to document the process extensively, with lessons learned and as many insights as I’ve managed to glean.

Secondly, I’m looking to share the ins and outs of buying, owning and maintaining a car in Japan. Having just begun the process, I hope to capture it with all the triumphs and tears, and hopefully share a few insights along the way.

Lastly, expect to begin to see features on what this blog was created for – documenting automotive life and culture in Japan. There will be motorsports coverage, new car reviews, events, recommended drives, motor shows – all the things I’ve been doing for years, but have selfishly kept to myself. Coming soon, expect to see a retrospective on the Japan Grand Prix (and how watching it on TV this year compares to seeing it in person) along with coverage of the Motorsport Festival Odaiba, the Tokyo Motor Show and the opening of Nissan’s swanky new global headquarters.

So watch this space! And if you like what I have to say (or not), want to have your say or have something you’d like to hear about, I’ll see you in the comments.

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